Ken D. Coleman

Ken has enjoyed a 40+ year career as a real estate agent and broker, closing over a billion and a half dollars in sales in Southwest Missouri. He learned at an early age how to build the strongest influencers in town to send him business on a regular basis, consequently Closing over 6000 properties in his career.

He was instrumental in the formation and funding of America’s first Privately Owned/Public Use Airport in Branson Missouri, and served as the first Chairman of the Branson Airport Development Board. Ken is also a co-owner and founding member of The Tire Tag, a parking violation system.

Ken Coleman is the author of 4 books: Climb to the Top in Real Estate, Focus on the 5, Focus on the True 5 – releasing in 2023 and finally Legend of Table Rock – releasing in 2023.

Coleman also hosts training seminars and public speaks across the United States on the topics of Real Estate, Sales & Marketing.

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June 16 – Friday
Focus on the 5 – 1 DAY EVENT

Focus on the 5 

1 day workshop IN SAN PEDRO, CA  | friday, june 16th

Learn how to leverage your company to GROW through focusing on the 5s! Don’t miss this event hosted by the author of Focus on the 5!

Limited Seating Register Today! Invest in yourself and your business the smart way.

Join Ken Coleman for this ONE DAY WORKSHOP.

  • Catered Lunch is provided from 12pm to 1pm
  • You will receive a copy of Ken Coleman’s book, Focus On The 5
  • Dive into the concept of Focusing on the 5s and learn how to use this to GROW you business and reach your goals in 2023.



Elks Lodge | San Pedro, CA 1748 Cumbre Drive San Pedro, CA 90732


BOOK By Ken d. coleman

Focus on the 5

“Focus on the 5” is dedicated to the insights and identity of 5%ers  (entrepreneurs, risk-takers, early adopters, business owners…)

I go in detail on:
Why and how to market to 5%ers.
How to spot them in a crowd and the benefits of being able to.

And I begin to open a door for each of you to better understand, and hopefully embrace, how you fit into this broader philosophy as 5, 15, 30 and 50%ers.

The opportunities for companies and individuals who learn why they need to be focusing their time and energy on the 5%ers are immense.

The financial, spiritual and psychological benefits for every one of you to better understand this fundamental component of who you and those around you are, and the core of how we make decisions, is staggering.

5%ers are the trendsetters in all purchases, all industries, all decisions. It is not a choice they made, rather it is who they are.  Once you learn how to spot a 5%er who has embraced who they are, they stand out like a blinding light in a crowd.

This philosophy will change the way you do business. It will change the way you view choices and decisions. Those of you who are 5%ers and have not yet learned to embrace it, I believe this book and learning to understand yourself as a 5%er may very well save your life.

I can hardly wait to meet you, teach you and hear your story.

BOOK By Ken d. coleman

Climb to

the Top in

Real Estate

Climbing to the top in Real Estate is a book about old fashion relationship selling.  It’s not the only way to do things, but I believe it’s the best way, and a lot more rewarding!  I’m not technophobic, but it’s hard to shake hands with a database.

Years in Real Estate

Years as a 5%er

Live Events

“My book will teach you how to prospect for listings, show properties, hold an open house and close real estate offers.  Developing good relationships will get you to the top quicker and allow you to remain there longer.  This book will teach you how to develop those relationships.  If you share my passion for helping others, I can teach you how to succeed in sales.”

– ken coleman

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